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60 Second Surveillance Infomercials

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

A series of podcasts or short informative videos is a great way to tell everyone what you do, or to reach out to your core target audience. Having a useful message and something interesting to impart are key to an effective method of also promoting the services that your company or organisation can offer at the same time.

The key factors are to keep the information simple, videos short and punchy and not to over elaborate. Sirastudio, a video production company based in Harrogate, can help guide you in the process. If you are planning the video route, start by downloading our storyboard template from our resources page here. Sketch out exactly the order the you want things to happen or what you are wanting to say. It's a great way to visualise a story and will help you to write a script, which you will need to do if you want to employ a video company.

We recently started a collaboration with an international surveillance and security training company ISS Training LTD to produce a series of short informative surveillance technique videos. So far we have completed 11 x 60 second infomercial videos, all with a different point of interest, top tips and specialist information for the private investigator. The feedback has been purely positive and the uptake in terms of shares and click throughs have been far greater than when you are just shouting about what you do.

So have a think and see where in your business profile you can utilise skills to create some interesting and productive content. If you want to learn more, give us a call on 01423 546440 or drop us a line @

Here are the video we created for ISS Training:

Sirastudio is a photography and video production company based in Harrogate and we totally understand the requirement for and the use of video. We specialise in creating short corporate insight videos for websites and presentations, promotional conferences and exhibitions highlights, product and service Infomercials. Basically all aspects of still and moving image capture. our website has more details and information about us:



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