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The Human Touch, Stray FM Local Hero Awards.

Every year, we are humbled by the amazing people we film for the story videos shown at the fabulous Stray FM Local Hero Awards evening at Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate. It is our great pleasure to create the videos of the award winners that are shown at the awards evening. Our role involves meeting the nominees, understanding their stories through interviewing them and perhaps friends or members of their families, allowing them to open up about their experiences, gathering illustrative footage and then editing the footage into short story videos to explain to the audience just why they deserve an award. Of course, the winners never set out to win awards, and are often surprised that they have been nominated. Sometimes they have undergone traumatic injuries, sometimes they empower others, sometimes they raise funds for charities. All of them are incredible and want to help others. It\'s our job to represent the award winner, to empathise, and to create an emotive and sometimes in-depth and quite personal insight into their lives that will connect with the audience within around 3 minutes per video. Whilst we cannot take credit for the amazing stories, we like to think that we are quite good at the other stuff. And as always we are blown away by the spirit, the enthusiasm, the courage and the determination that all the nominees present. A massive well done to everyone who was nominated. It's was a privilege to meet you. Below are two of the videos we created.

This Years awards are now in the nominating phase so please take a look at the Stray FM Website and if you can think of someone who deserves a nomination. Please fill in the form.



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