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Drone Operators in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and Newcastle

Sirastudio is a CAA licensed and insured drone operator based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and Newcastle, who work across the UK and London. We can provide you with photography and video drone footage to suit your needs. As part of a video production, press launch, website collateral, building surveys, events and weddings. Having drone footage gives you a unique perspective and a bird's eye view that will complement your company profile, brochures, reports or website.


Hotels, conference halls, exhibitions, events, buildings and natural landscapes truly benefit from the use of drone photography and video. And a shot from above can give extra context to your promo, event or corporate video. We have to ability to shoot high quality 4K video and large format raw file photos that can be stitched together to create panoramas.

CAA Operator ID: GBR-OP-ZGJK9P8QGWN9  Flyer ID: GBR-RP-9RVPGB9HRKTT.          CAA Drone Code


Call 01423 806028 for an informal chat or email:

Sirastudio - Drone Operators in Yorkshire

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