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Video Production in Harrogate

Sirastudio is a video production company based in Harrogate. We have a solid background in photography and video with over 30 years of image making experience. We totally understand the requirement for and the use of video in todays world with the proliferation of social media. We specialise in creating short corporate insight videos for websites and presentations, community event videos for social media, emotional story-telling videos for awards nights and promotional conferences and exhibitions highlights  and corporate videos. 


We can provide a single camera operator including a drone or video editor through to a small production team who will create a one-off video or a series of videos for you. We can help with the story concept, we can interview people, we will shoot interesting and creative footage and we will edit a great story together using good music and snappy text. All you have to do is give us a call to discuss your ideas and we will do the rest! Easy peasy. Call 01423 806028 for an informal chat or email:

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Sirastudio - Video Production and Film Makers

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